Temporary Tattoo Store.

Temporary Tattoo Store.

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No website making skills required. So simple that even a kid can operate a profitable business.

This website can be operated from anywhere in the world.

This is a demo website, i will register a new name for the buyer.
Please click on the below link to see the website live.


1-The inventory is automatically updated everyday.
2-The supplier are in USA and Chinese. The suppliers ships wordwide.
3-The supplier is professional with professional service.
4-The sale includes the transfer of account with the supplier.
5-You get instant email notifications of orders.
6-Orders are automatically forwarded to the supplier.
7-Supplier will ship the orders and automatically post the tracking numbers to your website order.
8- Hosted on Shopify with fast 99.99% uptime with https secure servers.
9-No knowledge of website making is required, it is all done.
10- More than 1000 products are added to the website.
11- The supplier does not put its company name on the packages so the customer thinks it came from your company.

FriendlyTattoos.com is a dropship business. Zero investment is needed to run this business except the hosting fee.

No inventory is required.
Products you sell are directly sent to your customers from the supplier.

The supplier packages them and sends them to the address of your customers.

Example of a dropship transaction:
A customers buys a product from YOUR WEBSITE for $200.
You take this money and place an order at the website of the supplier for $100.
Now you have $100 left, this is your profit.
You give the supplier your customer's address(it is done automatically on this website) and the supplier will send to your customer the product the customer bought.
You never have to worry about storing products, packaging them, writing labels etc.
all is done by the suppliers.

What is required to keep the business operational?
The website is automated.
The Inventory is synchronized with the suppliers using API coding. The inventory is updated everyday automatically.
A credit card is required either a prepaid or the usual one and a bank account.

How does the business generate revenue?
FriendlyTattoos.com generates revenue by sales of products.
The products are dropshipped.
The profit margin is set at 30% to 90% profit markup per product. The profit markup can be changed with just one click by filling in the percentage or fixed amount you want to change on the all the products or individually and submit. The profit markup can be set by individual product or all products at the same time. The margin can be set by percentage or by dollar amount and by price ranges.

Are there any expenses for the business? If so, what are they?
Hosting fee for Shopify $29 USD/month.

What marketing initiatives have been used for this business?
SEO has been done.

What is included in the sale?
The domain name FriendlyTattoos.com and the website licence
which is hosted by Shopify for a monthly fee.
One year support and training by email, phone or if you really need help, step by step training by remote login to your computer while being on the phone.

FriendlyTattoos.com is recently registered and it should start bringing natural traffic due to SEO has been done.

The website will be transferred to the buyer within 5 days after payment is received.

If the buyer decides to pay by escrow, it might take a week for payment to be deposited to Escrow Service and the buyer may have to go to bank to wire transfer the payment to Escrow Service.
There are no problems with Paypal.